Helping you to fill your vacancies

Finding the right Nurse to fill vacancies can be challenging and time consuming. This
is where Protea Recruitment Services International division can help. We pride
ourselves to be one of those few reliable in filling vacancies with world-class
candidates who want to move to the UK, we can help make the recruitment process
as hassle free as possible for you and the candidate. Our regional partners and
office in South Africa give us an incredible platform to source therapists and nurses
from both EU and non-EU countries.
Our International Team is dedicated to source quality candidates from around the
world for permanent placements. The application process is fully managed by us;
from sourcing and in-country interviews, to candidate relocation and post-placement
support. We take care of it all.

Helping the NHS reduce temporary spend

When engaging with Protea Recruitment Services international division
you can be rest assured that we will work with you to deliver savings
against temporary staff spend and achieve your desired recruitment
Our market expertise provides the following:
• Strategic support to help reduce your temporary staffing spend
• Dedicated client consultant service
• End-to-end support – from vacancy generation to placement
• Proactive candidate supporting capability
• Unrivalled access to domestic market
• Specialist recruiters dedicated to each specialty
• We can also arrange settlement team to support long term
ROI through pastoral and post placement support
Helping you to fill your vacancies
We follow a robust process to source quality international health
professionals such as nurses and therapists who want to live and
work in the UK. We ensure they have all the necessary language
skills, experience and competencies, as well as all relevant
documentation to begin a career in the UK.
Before recommending anyone for any job, we ensure they are fully
committed to moving to the UK and have understanding of the
hospital and location they will be working on.
When you are ready to recruit, we will arrange a face to face or
Zoom interview and manage all the necessary administration when
the offer is made – this ranges from accepting the offer, to arranging

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