Infection prevention and control is vital in every health care setting. According to NHS England statistics around 300,000 patients contract a healthcare- associated infection (HCAI) while staying in hospital or health care establishment in the UK each year.

Contracting a HCAI can worsen an individual’s prognosis which will have finances, resources and potentially even life threatening. Respiratory and urinary tract infections as well as surgical sites infections are the most common form of HCAIs, but their risks can be lowered significantly with robust infection prevention & control and good hygiene practice.

So, health care staff plays a part in infection prevention and control to safeguard the health of those in their care hence its vital this training is undertaken. It is also recommended by the CQC for all providers to comply with the standards. After completing our Infection Prevention and Control training, you will be able to:

Understand basic microbiology and how micro-organisms are spread Understand standard infection control precautions Know the importance of correct hand hygiene technique Be able to describe what MRSA, clostridium difficile (CDI) and norovirus are and understand their impact in healthcare Know what precautions are necessary to prevent and control HCAIs


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